Maps, maps, maps: Greenland and Africa, drinking and Europeans naming…privates

Thatthereengland - does Japan

A little round-up of maps that I enjoy….because I’m a geek who loves maps.

First up a little map that might cause a lot of consternation in Eastern Europe: the percentage of ethnic Russians in different countries. Also know in Russia as the ‘Where are we going after Ukraine’ map…..


Next up, a map of where bunnies come from…the Playboy kind. For some reason, Alaska seems to breed a lot of bunnies.


Next up a map of what foreign languages people speak in Europe.



Not quite sure how to explain this map, except to say that it’s a graphing of what male privates are called across Europe – and why.




Next up a little map showing what happens if you turn Europe upside down (girl, you turn me….).


And finally, a map of media ages across the planet.


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