Danes, Englishmen, The Killing, killing a giraffe – and your kids

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The Killing, a giraffe and your kids – why shooting Marius in the head may be good for children

Ok, that headline is from a sub, but the rest of a recent article about Marius the Giraffe and how it illustrates some of the differences between the two countries I call home is all mine.

In it, I explore why most Danes thought that dissecting an 18-month old giraffe in front of a zoo audience including kids wasn’t exactly something to get that upset about, while the rest of the world – at least in the eyes of the Danes – went absolutely mental and basically said that they might as well have mowed the poor thing down with a machine gun that uses live kittens for ammo.

After the whole incident, the Danish zoo director, Benght Holst published some of the comment he’d received on his facebook page.


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