Do specialist sports magazines display different design characteristics to suit their target audience and how has the rise of online media affected the production of sport magazines?

the talking point


This research looks at what effect the target audience of a specialist sports magazine has on the way that it is designed. Due to the increased popularity of online journalism and social media, some readers are choosing to get their knowledge from the internet. So how are these magazines altering their product to keep their audience interested?

Three popular sports magazines covering different sports have been analysed in terms of the design tactics and specificities they use. In conjunction with interviews with the Editors of these selected magazines, these analysed articles and features will determine to what effect they have been designed to accommodate the magazine’s target audience.

There is also a look into what effects online journalism is having on the magazine industry and how these businesses are making the most of the opportunities presented to them in terms of addressing their fans and readers through the use…

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