13 things the Daily Mail got wrong/lied about – in one story

While you might now expect the Daily Mail to be especially objective in their coverage of certain subjects, say immigration, for example, there are certain professional, journalistic standards you would (probably) think that the paper and its journalists should adhere to.

However, if a recent story on the ‘flood’ of Rumanian and Bulgarian immigrants lining up to come to the country is anything to go by, then words like ethics and morals are probably underlined as spelling mistakes by the paper’s spell checkers.

In the pages of the Daily Mail it sounded like these new immigrants were more or less ready to invade Britain and take control of the country, driving it into third world status by their remorseless claiming of benefits.

One such story seems to be just that – a story. A made up fabrication meant to scare – and definitely not the truth.

Luckily, there seems to be a hero in the wings, waiting to fight this particular story.

Enter Jon Danzig of the BBC, who has decided that the way of fighting the Daily Mail on this story is to take them to the Press Complaints Commission.

Danzig looked at the claims made in the Daily Mail story, and found not one, not two, but 13 untruths (lies is such a….Daily Mail word).

Amongst them were claims about numbers, and quoting sources that the journalists behind the story could simply never have spoken to.


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