One Week of the Guardian – Dave Bowker

Lydia Krystyna Czolacz

One Week of the Guardian - Dave Bowker

This is again off the brief presentation that was given to us and I absolutely love this kind of idea. The idea behind these series of images was that Dave Bowker wanted to experiment with the way in which normal news was represented each day. I think visually this set is perfect to look at. I particularly like the way that certain words on the words one intervene with the actual topic of the word for example “SPAIN” is written with the Spanish flag through it.


I particularly like the colour scheme of these and it is consistent through each one. If I were to pick one to look in more detail it would be the third image. The reason I have picked this one is because seen as though I’m doing music I believe this could be something I look into doing to represent what I want to do…

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