What Gareth Bale is earning – in simple human terms

Thatthereengland - does Japan

The Welsh footballer Gareth Bale recently became the world’s most expensive footballer when he joined Real Madrid. Now as a Real Madrid fan, I welcome Bale to the club, but as a human being, I think the money spent to purchase the services of a guy who is basically good at kicking and running is far beyond silly. It’s downright preposterous. I mean, 91 million Euro will buy you a lot of things, including some small countries. It’s a figure that’s so large that it’s simply impossible for our brains to convert into something meaningful.

Hell, the same goes for the amount of money, Bales is getting paid to play for Real Madrid. He’s being paid the equivalent of 300,000 British pounds a week. Again, a figure that’s too big to really understand.

Luckily, we have a some help to make this figure more understandable. It’s called scale and example.

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