Multiplatform Journalism: An analysis

Good run-through of why real news sometimes doesn’t become, well, real news

Australian soldiers accidentally shot and killed two Afghan brothers in the Uruzgan province in late February.

The Australian government seems to have done a good job of not letting this become a huge media story by quickly claiming responsibility.  Transparency by government agencies does not make for exciting news.

The story first broke on SBS WORLD NEWS.  Little more than a week later there was no further mention of the story in mainstream media.

Media outlets had no incentive to publish anything beyond early reports.  There was no footage relevant to the incident or even specific details to use.  In many cases, ‘filler’ content was used to complete stories.

As there wasn’t a greater number of casualties, the story may not be deemed very newsworthy.  Reuters’ Chief Afghanistan Correspondent, Dylan Welch says, “it was not considered significant enough an incident. Every day we have to make decisions about…

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