Local news feeds you surreal stories of naked men, swans and setting fire to peanuts

Photo by: Gwydion M. Williams

Sometimes you really have to hand it to local news. Down this way (which is Devon), it’s the place to go for weird and wonderful stories that usually involve people acting in ways that would have Darwin giving his theory another careful look, thinking there must be something he’d missed…and has everyone else smirking and smiling.

My weekend got off to the best possible start by reading a little story about a drunk man, who, as one is want to do when one is drunk and slightly confused, decided to set fire to a packet of peanuts before attempting to make love to, wait for it, an ambulance. I really can’t explain it, so you should read the full story here.

Yep, dadaists around the globe are going ‘I wish I’d thought of that…’

This is far from the only wonderfully weird gem that I’ve stumble across since moving down this way (which is a bit down and to the left, compared to where I used to live).

Actually, my very favourite headline of 2012 is from a local Devon story. What makes it so perfect in my mind is the fact that it basically states exactly what happens in a matter-of-fact, objective way, like you’re taught to do as a journalist. Except here is somehow makes the story sound even weirder. Add the fact that itthen proceeds to give you a little info about the national UK obsession – the weather – and we have a winner.

I won’t spoil if for you, so click here to read it.

I hope the stories got your weekend off to a good, smirking start 🙂


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