Responses about a paedophile

The media in England have recently had a field day. The reason is the formerly famous and now notorious TV-presenter Jimmy Saville.
Jimmy Saville died in 2011 and since his death allegations and evidence has emerged that seem to prove that he had sexually abused and raped an undisclosed numbe people – some of them under-age girls.
Towards the end of September, UK newspapers reported that as many as ten women stated that they had been sexually molested or raped by Saville during the 1960s and 1970s. One of the women had been 14 at the time.
Two things have been the main focus points for the UK press – and both have to do with the BBC where Jimmy Saville spent most of his active years in TV.
One has been that the in-depth BBC program Newsnight were preparing an investigative piece about Jimmy Saville and the fact that he was possibly a paedophile. Shortly before it wa to be broadcast, the BBC pulled the plug on the piece.
The second has been how Jimmy Saville could prey on his victims without anyone finding out. Most media have pointed the finger at the BBC, but perhaps they should also take a close look at themselves in the mirror.
The TV-program Have I Got News For You has pointed a comic finger at the world of politics, media and news since first airing in 1990. Over the years the program has probably had more guests than you could fit into Wembley Stadium. One of them was Jimmy Saville.
Breaking with the normal rules of the show where serious comments and conversations are avoided at almost all costs, the cast took a good, hard look at the Jimmy Saville case and the coverage it has had in the UK media. And it is a very, very interesting few minutes of TV. Here’s a link to it on YouTube. Knowing how it usually goes with this sort of thing, it’ll probably be gone from the site pretty soon so I hope you get to see before that happens:


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